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March 5th, 2016
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In-store performance at the famous Music Millennium record store, Portland, OR

Free! Hank will be there with his full band.


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Wedding Singer

Hanks gives the gift of his song

Hank gives the gift of his song

A few weeks ago, Hank and his honey attended the wedding of long-time friends, Adam and Jenny DuVander.

At the reception, word got around that Hank was ‘in the house’ (as the kids say), and I was asked to sing for the happy couple. 

(Interesting tidbit… South of the border, the name of Hank Sinatra is not commonly recognized.  Instead, Hank is known as “El Romantico” or “Senor Romantico”, on account of his heartfelt renditions of popular love songs.)

But back to the wedding…
Every musician knows how many ways an innocent request like this can go so very, very wrong.  You need an instrument with an amp, the PA has to work properly (enough volume without feedback), a decent microphone – the planets have to align.

Fortunately, a trio was swinging some great acoustic jazz at the event (the Djangophiles, not to be confused with “The Django Files”, a short-lived tv show on A&E about a gypsy guitarist who investigated paranormal events.) 
And they were glad to lend one of the guitars.  Very nice.

Now I needed a microphone.  Of course, the jazz group was stricly instrumental.  But there was a house PA that wasn’t in use.  Someone fortunately knew how to power it up, and there was even a boom stand for the dynamic mic.  Sweet.

The announcement went out, and the freshly minted bride and groom made their way to the front of the room to stand while Hank delivered his song.

It was one of those rare moments when everything came off perfectly.
I sang “I Love You (for Sentimental Reasons)”, which is always a favorite. The background chatter quickly died as the room became silent to give their full attention to the song.  It went really well.  Then I quickly left the stage before my luck changed.

Best wishes to Adam and Jenny for a wonderful future together!

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