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March 5th, 2016
Saturday, 5pm

In-store performance at the famous Music Millennium record store, Portland, OR

Free! Hank will be there with his full band.


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At the Bay House


Lounge - Before the Show

I was at the Bay House restaurant last Saturday, October 10th.
The sun was setting as I started my first set. The Bayside Lounge overlooks Siletz Bay, and I could see a Great Blue Heron flying by as I launched into the first song, Funny How Time Slips Away.

As several in the audience commented, The Bay House is a perfect venue for Hank’s music. It’s intimate yet roomy, and allows the music to fully reach all corners of the space.


Dear Friends and Fans

Dear Friends and Fans

It was great to see old friends who came by to catch the show, and make some new friends as well. There was a great write-up about Hank in the weekly Oregon Coast Today and several people came because of that.

For this performance, I added Walking After Midnight and Nite Life to the set list.  I had been playing ‘Walking’ for a long time but but put aside recently to retool some of the chords to get a jazzier sound.  And I’d been playing around with Nite Life for a couple of years before getting serious and finding the chord structure I wanted.

I’m already looking forward to being back at the Bay House on November 7th, and on December 5th and 19th.

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