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March 5th, 2016
Saturday, 5pm

In-store performance at the famous Music Millennium record store, Portland, OR

Free! Hank will be there with his full band.


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Toledo Art Walk – 2011

Hank Sinatra was back as the featured act at the recent Toledo Art Walk. Hank and his band was such a big hit last year, they were asked to appear again.

Hank Sinatra, Ron Green, "Gentleman Jim" Greeninger (left to right)

This year, Hank enlisted some musical heavy hitters; Jim Greeninger and Ron Green.

Jim is on hiatus […]

Headlining the Toledo Art Walk

Robin, Steve, and Hank

Hank Sinatra and friends were the featured act at the recent Toledo Art Walk.  For all three days of the Labor Day weekend, we entertained the crowds in this jewel of an art community on the Oregon Coast. 

Thanks to the energy and vision of artist Michael Gibbons, this was the 17th annual […]

Sunset on the Coast

I was setting up for one of my regular Saturday gigs on the Bay House in Lincoln City.  The sun was going down, so a grabbed my camera for a quick snapshot.

In the picture, you can see the silhouettes of homes on the Salishan spit, and there’s someone digging clams since the tide has gone out in Siletz Bay.

What […]

At the Bay House

Lounge – Before the Show

I was at the Bay House restaurant last Saturday, October 10th.
The sun was setting as I started my first set. The Bayside Lounge overlooks Siletz Bay, and I could see a Great Blue Heron flying by as I launched into the first song, Funny How Time Slips Away.

As several in the […]

Dying jazz

There was a good opinion piece recently in the Wall Street Journal, titled “Can Jazz Be Saved?”  It quoted some statistics to drive home the point that jazz listening is down 30%, just in the past six years. 

Surely this is no surprise to most people.  But the author, Terry Teachout, makes a keen observation…

What does this tell […]

Hank's gear

Come to a Hank Sinatra show and this is what I’ll be using.
For a more complete descussion of the equipment, check out the “Gear” page under “About”.

My main axe these days is a Taylor 914CE flatop six-string.  It’s a really great guitar, but perhaps a little too bright for the Hank sound.  I haven’t found an archtop […]

Wedding Singer

Hank gives the gift of his song

A few weeks ago, Hank and his honey attended the wedding of long-time friends, Adam and Jenny DuVander.

At the reception, word got around that Hank was ‘in the house’ (as the kids say), and I was asked to sing for the happy couple. 

(Interesting tidbit… South of the border, the […]